198636 Webco Aerial Testing & Truck Inspection
No extra charge for additional trips; you’ll be charged the same as if the unit had been tested on schedule
Testing three or more units per location is best. If that’s not possible, we will work with you to make arrangements
Mix or match any available tests; you get only the tests you need and never pay for tests you don’t want
We work hard to provide the best possible service and avoid conflicts, but if one should arise, we’ll work twice as hard to solve it.
WEBCO Aerial Testing & Truck Inspection
WEBCO for all your dielectric testing, truck inspection, aerial, hot stick and ground testing!
WEBCO serves all of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma. We also cover parts of Arizona and Louisiana. In addition to testing bucket and digger trucks, we also test hot sticks, personal grounds, truck grounds, mechanical jumpers, blankets, line hose mechanicals and hoods. All testing is done where you need it at your yard or work site We charge only for the work completed, no mileage fees, traveling fees, etc. We are based out of Dexter, New Mexico, and Spring, Texas, in order to better serve our customers.