Dielectric testing of booms and liners: Double bucket or digger with a bucket, you will be charged only as per quote, no extra charges Magnetic particle: Tests critical welds such as the weld on an outrigger foot Ultrasound: This state of the art machine checks a unit’s key pins, such as the hinge pin at the base of a lower boom, revealing whether they are damaged or bad Load Testing: This is not a stress test. Based on the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity we’ll test load bearing capabilities. If the spec plate calls for 600 lbs. capacity in the platform, then it will be tested at 600 lbs. Chassis: Our technicians search for leaks, loose bolts, unsafe wiring and so on Visual and Operational for outriggers, chassis, pedestals, rotation and bearing deflection, rotation gear, turntables, lower booms, boom knuckles, upper booms (extensions) and platforms (buckets). We look for any anomalies in the operation of the unit, such as leaks, missing or loose bolts, control decals and warning decals. We check your units controls to ensure they are responding properly. We look for foreign matter in the booms and examine your hoses and other parts Hot Sticks: Regardless of length, we will clean (surface only) and retest up to three times at no additional charge; you are only charged for one test Mechanical Jumpers: The same price regardless of length of ground or jumper DOT: As an additional service, we will also do DOT inspections on trucks and trailers. However, we do not conduct DOT inspections in Texas. Complete Reports of results detail any discovered defects Blankets, line hose mechanicals and hoods tested on site.
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